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  • Barcham Series

    Manchester’s City of Trees

    By Colin Hambidge, 21 October 2017

    Pete Stringer, who is leading this project, is charged with planting 3 million trees within the city in the next 20 years.  He shared his experiences and those of his colleagues at a recent seminar at Barcham Trees.  Colin Hambidge was there to report for the Consulting Arborist Society.


    With only a couple of places left on the launch event for the new Lantra Mortgage course, new venues and dates will be announced shortly.   We’ll shortly be asking about your preferences for the courses we run, as we put the 2018 training programme together.


    And a reminder that we are looking for your case studies to showcase to readers in coming months.




  • Tree News

    The Tortworth Chestnut

    By Jim Mulholland, 16 October 2017

    This week, Jim Mulholland shares wirh us another star from the archives of trees registered with the Ancient Tree Forum.  He shares the fascinating history of the Tortworth Chestnut, growing on the Tortworth Estate in South Glocestersire.  One particular aspect of this tree is its age….


    Often, when we hear of the felling of healthy trees and devastation of forests, whether locally or globally, we can fell powerless to act.  A project has been launched recently which is enabling us to take action and make a contribution.  It is based on the phrase, used too regularly, that ‘an area of forest the size of Wales is felled each day’.  Some folks in Wales got together and launched a website which enables people to sponsor an area in Wales.  The funds raised enable to project to support rainforest protection in particularly vulnerable places.  Go to www.thesizeofwales.org . This has been followed by www.thesizeofherefordshire.org . I am supporting that one.  You may wish to launch your own project.


    Bookings are coming in quickly for the launch of the new Lantra Mortgage course, at Lantra House, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, on Tuesday 30th January. We are planning to run the course at Myerscough College in May, and hope to confirm the date next week.


    We also have a new date for the Young Trees course, 10th to 12th April 2018.


    New dates for the Amenity Tree Valuarion course and Tree Preservation Orders course will be announced shortly.  You can register your interest via mark@consultingarboristsociety.com .


    If you wish to take the peer review for BS5837:2012 tree reports, just drop me a line.


    There is still time to book on the Tree Officer conference being hosted by the Institute of Chartered Foresters, on Wednesday 8th November.  I have booked my place. Thank you to those who spotted the wrong date listing in an earlier edition.  I needed to change my plans as I was going to Telford the following week!


    Finally, I am aware that members of CAS are involved in some great projects, including the application of pioneering techniques.  A monthly feature will begin shortly which enables a member to showcase their work and inform/encourage the rest of us.  If you think you have something suitable, please let me know.  The article will be festured for a month, and then archived for future reference.


    Meanwhile, to the Tortworth Chestnut….


  • Tree News

    A rare fungus at Kew Gardens, and a date correction!

    By Laura Martin, 09 October 2017

    Firstly, this week, a mea culpa and thank you to those of you who spotted the wrong date being given for the Tree Officer conference.  It is, of course, on Wednesday 8th November, in Telford, and not the following week.  My thanks for those who let me know, as I had the wrong date in MY diary and was arranging my schedule accordingly!


    Young Trees: Some places still remain on this course, being run by Keith Sacre on 31st October, 1st & 2nd November.  The places are limited, so please don’t delay.


    Autumn seems to have come early this year, with the Ash leaves beginning to turn almost before September arrived.  Here at CAS Towers, lawn raking is now a daily exercise (it keeps me fit!).  It is also a key season for fungi.  Did you know that this past weekend was UK Fungi Day?  Laura Martin shares more, and one particular species which has caught her roving eye….


  • Barcham Series

    Matthew Wells on Urban Forestry Stateside

    By Colin Hambidge, 25 September 2017

    On Friday, we hold our 2017 AGM as part of a special day of Plant Health focus at Bartletts Research Laboratories in Reading.  A few places remain for the whole day.  The AGM is sponsored by Geosynthetics, so if you can only make the AGM, then please stay for a free lunch….subject to voting and listening to Owen Hutchison sharing some case studies.


    If you attend the AGM, you will be able to hear updates on our industry collaboration, and opportunities for career development.


    And if you really can’t make it, then consider asking someone to be your proxy.  This can be me or someone else.  Please let me know at mark@consultingarboristsociety.com.


    Bookings are coming in thick and fast for January’s Mortgage course launch.  Places are also available on the other courses, TPO, Valuing Amenity Trees and Young Trees. 


    Some of you have asked about CAD Training.  I am working with the team at KeyTree, who are based in Alcester, Warwickshire, to identify the best date.  To register your interest, contact me at mark@consultingarboristsociety.com.


    On 15th November, the Tree Officers are holding a conference in Telford, supported by the ICF.  Here at CAS Towers, we are working with the parties to preview this event and help make it a success.  Details will follow next week.

    Finally to the article of the week.  Matthew Wells, ‘an Englishman in New York’, recently visited to share about his work stateside.  Matthew was the after-dinner speaker at the Arboricultural Association annual conference dinner earlier in the month.  He then was the speaker at a seminar hosted by Barcham Trees.  Colin Hambidge, who reviews the seminars for Barchams, described him as one of the best speakers he has heard, so high praise.  Does this come through the review?  Judge for yourself…..


  • Case Studies

    Introducing Andy Lederer of the ICF

    By Mark Chester, 18 September 2017

    One of the key principles that I embraced when I took on the role of running the society has been a desire to work with others, member or not, and those charged with running other organisations.  Due to this, society is working with TDAG, BSI and Tree Charter.  We are supporting Fund 4 Trees and Pernnial.  We have had representatives on the Arboricultural Association’s Consultants Working Group.

    I was delighted, therefore, when Andy Lederer, who was appointed to the role of Development Director at the Institute of Chartered Foresters, got in touch recently, and popped in for a coffee en-route to other meetings.  The interview can be found here…

    The Institute of Chartered Foresters has an important role as holder of the Chartership for Arboriculture.  I have shared elsewhere how I regard becoming Chartered as the greatest achievement so far in my professional journey.  However, CAS does many things that the ICF does not.  Andy and I are exploring opportunities for collaboration in the months ahead.  You will find details of the current CAS programme on the ICF website.  As ever, we will continue to promote Professional Membership of the ICF as an aspirational outcome for CAS members.

    One thing that we are very happy to emphasise relates to the Tree Officer conference being held in Telford on 15h November 2017.  If you can recall the Yorkie bar advertisement, ‘It’s not for girls’, then to paraphrase: The Tree Officer seminar is NOT JUST for tree officers.  I am planning to attend, and will be pre-viewing the event in coming weeks.

    Before I introduce today’s guest, a reminder about the Autumn/Winter programme, which begins with our CAS at Bartletts day on 29th September.  I am keen for as many members to attend or be represented as possible.  If you are unable to attend in person, please consider using a proxy.  I can be your proxy, or you can appoint someone else.  Votes are for Bob Widd to be re-appointed as Treasurer and for Simon Hall to be appointed to join the Board.  Contact me at mark@consultingarboristsociety.com to let me know…

    So, to Andy…


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