New date for Young Trees course

By Mark Chester, 31 July 2017

This week, I am delighted to announce the date for our next course, Young Trees.  This is being led by Keith Sacre who chaired the BS8545:2014 Drafting Committee.  The course, being hosted by Barcham Trees at their nursery in Ely, is scheduled for 30th & 31st October and 1st November.  Details and the booking form are available on the website.


We also have the CAS at Bartlett day on 29th September, the TPO seminar on 23rd October and our Amenity Tree Valuation course on 1st and 2nd November. 


Before I introduce our main feature for this week, a seminar review, a mea culpa.  Earlier this month, we featured an article by Laura Martin on the subject of fungi.  An oversight in production meant that the introduction to the article was incomplete.  Kevin Martin is the Tree Manager at RBG, Kew.  He has provided regular features on his favourite trees within Kew.  His wife, Laura, is studying mycology (fungi).  It is great to have her input exploring the fungi at Kew, and I trust that the article is the first of many.

Finally, to the main feature.  Recently, I attended a field trip hosted by the Royal Forestry Society.  The chosen site is within a Conservation Area, has a Tree Preservation Order covering some of the trees and extends in to a SSSI.  Needless to say, there are management challenges, especially when considering the state of some Horse Chestnuts within the grounds…….

Mark Chester is a practising tree consultant at Cedarwood Tree Care, executive director of the Consulting Arborist Society and a former Tree Officer. A graduate in Amenity Horticulture, he holds the AA Technician′s Certificate. He is a Chartered Arboriculturist and Chartered Environmentalist. A Fellow of the Arboricultural Association and professional member of the Institute of Horticulture, he is a Cardiff University Expert Witness. Follow me on Google +.


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