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  • Barcham Series

    Allergy-free tree selection

    By Colin Hambidge, 20 November 2017

    This week, Colin Hambidge reviews a recent seminar hosted by Barcham Trees, on the theme of selecting trees suited for people with allergies.


    Barcham Trees secured another great 'catch' for its series of arboricultural seminars when it lured Tom Ogren from California to present a seminar at their Ely base. He is one of the leading experts……


    Bookings are now coming in for our recently announced TPO course, to be hosted by Pershore College.  There are only two places remaining on the launch event for the new Lantra Mortgage course on 30th January.  Places are available for the course to be run at Myerscough College on Tuesday 29th May.


    Don’t forget to access the new CAS app, which is now available via the Apple store.  It has been generously sponsored by Tree Diagnostics, run by Ian Barnes.  We will feature some of the products he is working with, in the near future.


    Next week, we start a new series looking at some of the specialist services provided by members, and case studies encountered.  To feature yours, contact the editor at mark@consultingarboristsociety.com.


  • Tree News

    ATF trip to Longleat

    By David Blake, 13 November 2017

    After the busyness of last week, with the launch of the Tree Charter, we now focus on the next stage.  The National Tree Week will soon be upon us, with 800 trees being planted in association with the Tree Charter.  We will feature a write up on the event shortly.


    The next date for the Tree Preservation Orders course will be Monday 30th March 2018.  It will, once again, be hosted by Pershore College, where there are both excellent study facilities and a good collection of specimen trees.  Richard Nicholson will again lead on this CAS Competency which provides a great opportunity to develop your skills base as a CAS Professional Member.


    Enforcement of TPO breaches is a fundamental part of the planning process.  Indeed, if an Order cannot be enforced, it loses its raison d’etre!  However, successfully pursuing a prosecution presents many challenges.  I have both prosecuted and worked with clients being pursued.  I have been both successful and unsuccessful with prosecutions, the latter due to circumstances.  Today’s tree officers often find themselves pursuing this key stage with little prior experience and possibly no guidance.  So we are exploring developing training in this skill, which may be a stand-alone event or a re-run of the excellent and well-regarded Bond Solon CUEW course.  Watch this space for updates.


    The launch event for the new Lantra Mortgage course is nearly fully booked.  We will shortly be taking bookings for the next date, at Myerscough College on Tuesday 30th May 2018.


    Finally, as it is the second week of the month, we have our regular contribution from the Ancient Tree Forum.  This week, hot off the presses, we have a review of the organisation’s recent visit to the Longleat estate, reviewed by David Blake.  I, for one, wish I’d been there!…..


  • Business Advice

    The Tree Charter is launched

    By Mark Chester, 06 November 2017

    Today, at 12pm, The Woodland Trust will be presenting The Tree Charter at Lincoln Cathedral. This marks the
    800 th anniversary of the signing of the Forest Charter, in 1217, granting commoners the right to pannage. We
    have been delighted to support this project, and the publication of today’s e-news has been timed to coincide
    with the launch. One of the events leading up to the launch has been a Tree Fest at Bodnant Gardens, and
    this is reviewed today. We also feature a piece of writing which was featured in the regular series of blogs
    published by the team promoting the Charter.
    You can still take part in our training survey, to inform the programme for spring and summer 2018. ….. There
    are now just three places remaining for the launch of the new Lantra Mortgage course at Lantra House,
    Stoneleigh Park on 30 th January 2018. The next date for the course, at Myerscough College, will be announced
    shortly. We hope to confirm the date for the next TPO course next week. We are also exploring interest in
    the Bond Solon/ Cardiff University Expert Witness course.
    Finally, as it is the first Monday of the month, we have our usual business blog. As you can tell, it is a busy


    Do You Get It?
    I like the natural world. It refreshes the soul. I get it!
    I go to an art gallery and see some modern art. Looks like someone has had fun with paint.
    I don’t get it. But someone does. And that is enough for me. I let them get it.
    I see a field of meadow grass. I see the abundance of nature.
    I hear the chirruping crickets. I see frogs jumping through the damp. Birds overhead. Nature.
    I get it.
    Someone sees a development opportunity. The chance to make money.
    Fields on the edge of a village just waiting to be covered in concrete for housing.
    I see space. I can breathe. I get it. Someone else doesn’t.
    I read The Animals of Farthing Wood, and wonder how anyone could be so destructive of habitat.
    Then see diggers move on to a field. Progress.
    We need space to breathe. To breathe in deeply.
    Space for nature.
    I get it. Someone else doesn’t. And because they don’t, I can’t. Anymore.
    I drive through my local town, along a road with clean edges and straight lines.
    And no trees.
    The architect likes it; clean lines. The engineer prefers it; straight lines. Tarmac, concrete. And I want to be
    elsewhere. I want trees.
    They didn’t get it. So I can’t get it!
    There is a dead tree in the field by my study. Really dead. Not a single leaf.
    The light bark silhouetted against the sky makes me stop.
    To me, it is a thing of beauty.
    I get it. And fortunately, so does the person who owns the field where it stands.
    Or at least, if he doesn’t, the tree isn’t in the way.
    I get trees. I get nature. If you get it, please enjoy them with me.
    And if you don’t, please humour me. Please respect me. Please leave them for me to enjoy.
    And who knows, one day you too may appreciate the paradise that I get.
    Or at least to enjoy the fresh air and breathe in.


  • Training

    What training would you like?

    By Mark Chester, 30 October 2017

    We are putting together the CAS training programme for the spring and summer of 2018.  This provides you with great opportunities to develop your skills, get valuable CPD and gain new CAS competencies.  To aid us in tailoring the programme to best suit your needs and priorities, we invite you to complete our simple survey….


    We are now in the home strait with the Tree Council’s Tree Charter, which is to be delivered next Monday, 6th November, to Lincoln Cathedral.  We shall be timing our e-news to co-incide with this, at 12pm on Monday.


    This time last month, we gathered at Bartlett’s Research Laboratories in Reading for the CAS at Bartlett Research.  This event included the 2017 CAS AGM.  It included presentations by Luke Hailley, Emma Schaffert and Jon Banks, and updates and guided tours by Dr. Glynn Percival, and a demonstration of laboratory investigations.  One thing was very evident: Dr. Glyn is an excellent communicator and this was a worthwhile day even for those who may recently have heard him elsewhere……


  • Barcham Series

    Manchester’s City of Trees

    Manchester’s City of Trees

    By Colin Hambidge, 21 October 2017

    Pete Stringer, who is leading this project, is charged with planting 3 million trees within the city in the next 20 years.  He shared his experiences and those of his colleagues at a recent seminar at Barcham Trees.  Colin Hambidge was there to report for the Consulting Arborist Society.


    With only a couple of places left on the launch event for the new Lantra Mortgage course, new venues and dates will be announced shortly.   We’ll shortly be asking about your preferences for the courses we run, as we put the 2018 training programme together.


    And a reminder that we are looking for your case studies to showcase to readers in coming months.




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