Dr. Ferenc Divos Seminar

Those familiar with the ISA TRAQ methodologies for tree assessment will be aware of the level three assessment for tree inspections.  These advanced inspections can include using a range of tools to explore the structural condition of a tree.

Dr. Ferenc is presenting a series of One Day seminars which will explore the theory and the use of a range of tools in enabling us to better understand the condition of a tree.  This can aid in evidence in the future management of trees more accurately. The day will be cover the basic principles with opportunity to explore the science in more detail!  There will be practical demonstrations of some of the equipment available on the UK market.  This is not a sales pitch but an opportunity to better undertake equipment available and its application.


Capel Manor College 12th June

Batsford Arboretum, 13th June

Askham Bryan College 14th June.

Cost: £60 + VAT.

CEUs: 6 hours of CPD

Who is this for?  Any arborist interested in exploring tree condition assessments in more detail

To book your place, contact Mark Chester mark@consultingarboristsociety.com.


Outline of the day (weather permitting)

Lecture with handout in the morning (approx 1 hour)
Demonstrations outside:

Set up / use over view.


  • DynaRoot installation, anemometer + inclinometers (approx 1hr)


  • Pulling test inclino + elasto (2 hours)


3.) Acoustic tomography (approx 1 hour) irregular geometry using digital calipers

4.) Root detection (approx  0,5 hours)

5.) Impedance tomography (approx  1 hour), evaluation of the DynaRoot

6.) Conclusions, discussion (approx  1 hour)

NOTE – Weather may alter the day’s running.  Dynaroot findings may be affected, for example, due to lack of wind !