The 2019 Programme

Lantra Mortgage course

Dates & Venues TBC

Trees & Planning

Dates & Venues TBC

Amenity Tree Valuation

a two day CAS competency course. Option to attend for CPD without the assessment.  Led by Valuation expert Dr. Jon Heuch. Dates & Venues TBC

Excellence in Report Writing

a one-day CPD course led by report specialist Dr. Jon Heuch.Dates & Venues TBC

Young Trees

course led by Keith Sacre, at Barcham Trees, Ely, Cambs. Details to be confirmed

BS5837:2012 peer review. Bespoke assessments available on request.

(*) subject to venue confirmation

The Consulting Arborist Society


Young Trees


M & I

Tree Inspector

Home Buyer

Report Writing

Tree Valuation


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