BS5837:2012 sets out the requirements for a report on trees in relation to demolition, design and construction works. It includes a survey of trees both within and around the proposed development site, which could be affected by the proposal. The survey considers each tree, its’ condition and contribution to the setting, and the space it requires (Tree Constraints Plan). The report then considers and the relationship of the trees to the proposed development and how they will be affected (the Arboricultural Impact Assessment). It identifies which trees should be retained, and how this can happen within the development (the Arboricultural Method Statement). Mitigation can include planting new trees.

CAS members accredited for this service have had a sample template report subject to peer review to ensure it meets the requirements of the standard.

Tree safety is rarely far from the headlines and landowners have a duty of care to ensure their trees are properly managed. The Lantra Professional Tree Inspector qualification is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed a demanding three day course including examinations. Those holding this qualification are deemed competent to advise on the safety and management of trees, including providing recommendations for action where required, and timescales/priorities.

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Trees can enhance a property. However, in some cases, they can cause problems. And those causing problems may not be within the grounds of the property. Sometimes, mortgage providers require assurance that a property will not be affected by trees, before they will lend money for its’ purchase. Members accredited for this Area of Professional Competency have completed training in the requirements of a mortgage report typically requested by a mortgage provider.

The Consulting Arborist Society course: Tree Reports for Mortgage and Insurance’ guides consultants on the requirements of such a report. It covers the limitations for a report and includes a template for a model report.

Tree-related problems can lead to legal action. This may be for an alleged breach of a Tree Preservation Order. It may be a boundary dispute, damage to a tree or a claim following damage casued by a tree. In such situations, the services of an expert witness may be required, even if the case does not proceed to court. CAS members accredited for this service have successfully completed an accreditation process, such as the Cardiff University Expert Witness certificate. Their impartial feasibility appraisal may prove invaluable in directing your case.


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