Powerful easy to use GDPR Admin and CRM service that displays
beautifully as graphs and stats on the admin dashboard as you log in,
allowing you to take in your work situation in a few glances.
Links effortlessly to a front-end website login, or a new front-end website
that can be commissioned as part of your Sapphire pack.

Suitable for sole traders and companies of up to 250 employees.

Sapphire Arboriculture

We believe that you, as a professional, should be able to focus on what you do best: delivering your professional services Technology, where it is needed, should enhance your life. It should make operations easier and more profitable. Too often, this is not the case and the tools we work with take effort to master and operate. Then the challenges of GDPR are added, making a burden we would rather avoid. This is where Sapphire from Life Design Group comes in So often, technology is created by those whose language is coding. Our difference is that our team has worked in the business world. Our leadership team spent decades on the front line, encountering real life challenges and then being charged with providing solutions which his team could work with. Websites should flow smoothly and engage with your audience. When it came to GDPR, we came to live and breathe the challenges in order to understand them. The result is an easy to use data base which is aimed at making your life easier. By providing one solution, Sapphire solves another GDPR compliance means that the data you hold on a client needs to be accessible to them yet held securely. The solution is to provide each client with their own folder in to which their work is stored. Both you and they can access this via a login. How often does a client request a copy of a document months or even years after it was issued? This can happen at an inconvenient time, when you are away from the office and unable to readily locate the file. With the new arrangement, the client can access what they need, when they need it.

Sapphire Solutions. Practical technology for your professional work

Clients Essential Information

Name, Phone, Mobile, Email, Address,
GPS on map from your office.
Accessible by client and admin with
user permissions

Records & Docs

Upload PDF/Word, Work completed,
Images etc. Accessible by client, team
and contractors and admin with user
permissions. Create user permissions for
your whole team and contractors such as
architects and surveyors, giving access to
the folders and files relevant to their roles,
helping your business work more efficiently
than ever before.


Work Commissioned, Invoices sent, Income,
Balances outstanding, Client’s needs, Future
Potential Projects, Project Calendar
reminders for contacting client. Export to

Messaging & Emails from Admin panel

Communicate with clients, contractors and
your team from the panel using email and
messages/notifications. Send Newsletters
and more


TLS Secured, fast, powerful, GDPR
Compliant System that allows your clients
access only to the information you wish
them to see. Displayed professionally and
branded to you