Tom joined the board of CAS in 2013 and became Chairman in 2016. He is now coming towards the end of his second two-year term. He is working to support the Chairman-elect to prepare to take on the role.

Tom has been active in representing the society at various trade events from the AA ARB show to the annual AA Amenity Arboriculture Conference, biennual APF trade fair and numerous regional meetings. He has also supported the team working with other trade bodies. In fact, Tom is so busy attending events that other delegates often ask where the CAS stand is when they see him, even if he is alone!

As Chairman, Tom led development of the organisation including progression of the Steps to Success model. Through this, tree care professionals are able to continue their professional journey from Level 4 towards the ICF Chartered  Arboriculturalist and/or AA Registered Consultant.

He has been instrumental in a number of key strategic areas as our organisation has looked to adapt, modernise, and improve our service for our members. He has established a succession plan of assistant, chairman and immediate past chairman to promote smoother transitions in future years. As only the second chairman to hold office in the society since it became a CIC, there was no succession process in place. When Tom began his first term in office, much of the work was done by the Chairman and Executive Director. He has worked with other members of the board to ensure a wider spread of work and more pooling of ideas.

During COVID, Tom worked to ensure that situation CAS has remained active. Tom has organised and hosted regular Zoom meetings, and he is committed to continuing to move the organisation forward and keep it relevant. This includes with the delivery on training courses.

As his second term in office draws to a close, Tom can reflect on a job well done, and an organisation in a stronger position that when he took office. But rest assured, Tom will remain an active member of the board in to the future, and a familiar, friendly face at the numerous trade events he attends.