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The main category of membership is the Professional category. This is open to practicing arborists who hold at least one of the eight Areas of Professional Competency. You should have at least four years experience in arboriculture of which a minimum of one year needs to be in a consulting role. This can include working as a tree officer, a role providing advice such as a team leader for a climbing team or running your own practice. You should hold Professional Indemnity Insurance to a minimum of £500,000. We encourage members to hold, or be prepared to study for, a recognised arboricultural qualification to level four or above.

Professional Membership Details

A Professional Member has been accredited as competent in at least one of the eight Areas of Professional Competency (APCs) recognised by the society.  Holding Professional Indemnity Insurance to at least £500,000, with at least four years of industry experience, the member is ideally qualified to, or training towards a level four qualification in arboriculture.

Benefits include being listed on the CAS directory for Professional Members, use of the logo, access to all technical articles and archive material on the CAS Magazine site, discounts on CAS-run courses and free attendance on two CPD seminars each year.  Only CAS members can pursue training accredited by the Planning Portal in making on-line planning applications.

Corporate Membership Details

This category is for practices with two or more consulting arborists.  The package includes membership for up to three accredited consulting arborists.  The discounts on CAS-run courses are extended to all staff for whom training is relevant.  Only CAS-accredited members are permitted to use the logo.

Standard Membership Details

This category is for those who support the aims of CAS, and wish to receive the magazine, but have not become accredited (and may not wish to).  Standard members benefit from discounts on CAS-run courses.

Membership FAQ

  • I want to join CAS. Do I qualify?

    Prospective members are required to have a minimum of four years of relevant industry experience, of which at least one year needs to be in a role providing advice. This could be working as a tree officer, or leading tree works operations where you are advising clients. If in doubt, please ask. We also require that you hold a recognised qualification in arboriculture to QCF level four or above. This can include the AA Technician’s Certificate, or a Foundation degree. If you do not have such a qualification, we simply ask that you be willing take this within five years of joining.

    CAS recognises eight Areas of Professional Competency. You need to be accredited to at least one of these. You also need to have Professional Indemnity Insurance to at least £500,000 (and preferably £1,000,000).

  • I have considerable industry experience. Do I still need the APC?

    Yes. Whilst industry experience is valuable and important, the accreditation means that you can demonstrate you have been independently assessed to the relevant industry standard.

  • I have gained the accreditation elsewhere. Does this still count?

    Yes! Providing the accreditation is comparable to the CAS course, it is transferrable.

  • What are the APCs?
    • Mortgage & Insurance Reports (both courses run by CAS and by Myerscough College are recognised)
    • BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction: Recommendations. By peer review
    • Lantra Professional Tree Inspector
    • Tree Preservation Orders: Effectively Administration.
    • Amenity Tree Valuations
    • Expert Witness
    • Quantified Tree Risk Assessment
    • Young Trees: Achieving Longevity in the Landscape
  • I am only starting my work as a consultant, and the commissions thus far are small. Do I still need PI insurance?

    Yes! It is not the value of the commission but the potential scale of the claim that you are insuring against. It is important that all CAS Professional Members are properly insured.

  • What do I get as a Professional Member?

    You get to use the CAS logo, a listing on the CAS site for each of the APCs you are accredited for, the member discount for all CAS courses and, of course, full access to the CAS magazine site.

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay by annual cheque (£125 + VAT), annual standing order (£115 + VAT) or monthly standing order (£10 + VAT).

  • If I am a Professional Member, does the CAS site link to my own site?

    Yes! We include a strong search engine optimised link to your website from the CAS directory.

  • What are the benefits of joining CAS?

    CAS has three main aims, to suppport, train and promote it’s members. Support is provided through the community magazine, with regular articles on industry developments, technical seminars, product testing and special offers. Training is delivered through the programme of discounted courses and seminars run across the UK all year round, and your services arer promoted by the CAS Member Directory and print advertising.

    Those who are not ready to become Professional Members, or who do not wish to practice as consultants, those who are on the journey, and those who do not wish to become consultants, but still wish to support the work of CAS, can become ‘Standard Members’.

  • Do I need PI insurance and a website if I become a Standard Member?

    No! As you will not be practicing as a consultant under the CAS banner, these are not requirements.

  • I have been writing BS5837 reports for many years. Why do I need to be assessed?

    There can be a great variation in the standard of these reports, and many do not meet the requirements of the British Standard. By submitting a sample report for peer review, when it is successful, you can demonstrate that you have an acceptable template.

  • I only practice within a small field of arboriculture. Does this matter?

    No. In deed, CAS recognises that whilst some consultants provide a wide range of services, others specialise.

  • I work in an employed role, and only do consultancy work part-time. Would this affect my membership?

    No. Many consultants start this way.

  • Is CAS professional membership tied to my business/employer?

    No. You as an individual are the member, not your company or employer.